Monday, September 29, 2014

Microsoft Research Video: Using Tablet PCs, ConferenceXP, OneNote, and Classroom Presenter to Enhance Student Learning Outcomes

In this video, a speaker presents information about Tablet PCs, ConferenceXP, OneNote, and Classroom Presenter. These are all technologies that the speaker and his supporters hope to incorporateinto the classroom. I have some personal experience with the experimentation of integration of new technologies into the classroom because my senior year of high school, a handful of students were picked to use iPads in all of their classes. There was controversy because some people argued that it would simply distract the students and take away from their education. However the other side was arguing the same things the speaker in this video is. He is suggesting that these technologies will be used to monitor the student's progress in a way that is not possible in your average notebook and pen classroom. They will use these technologies to monitor students' note taking without having to look over their shoulder. He also goes into how these technologies help the instructors, so that teachers and students are mutually benefiting from using these technologies in the classroom. This video was mainly interesting to me because it related to a debate I feel like I've been hearing my entire schooling career: Does technology help or hinder students' learning? It is providing examples of technology helping our experiences rather than taking them over, relating to the Control Revolution. People want to control the progress in society, not let it run wild.

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