Monday, September 8, 2014

Amped for LIS201

Hiii everybody!

My name is Georgia May, and I'm a Marketing major from Chicago IL. This summer I moved from my childhood home in Lincoln Park to a slightly smaller house (it was time for my brothers to move out) about five minutes from Wrigley Field (Go cubbies).

I love traveling so I roadtripped to Toronto with a few of my friends this summer! Definitely the best part of my summer. I also hostessed at a Greek restaurant and interned at Splash Magazine, which is within the Chicago Sun-Times. I love dancing, but here in Madison am involved in the marketing fraternity Mu Kappa Tau, and the sorority Alpha Chi Omega. I'm hoping to join some more clubs this year.

Go Badgers!
AXO Bid Day 2014
We drove down to Niagra Falls on the way back from Toronto!


  1. I heard you know Jack Piccetti; that's a bummer.

  2. I'm also involved in Greek life and have a couple friends in your sorority. Looking forward to getting to know you!