Monday, September 29, 2014

"MP3 Secrets"

The “Computer Chronicles” that was introduced in 10/09/2001 dealt with the guidance of technologies regarding digital music, MP3 files. The online computer migration of music files was a digital revolution at the time. It showed the basics of how to find MP3 on the Internet, the use of portable mp3 players, and how to burn music CDs. It was a big step in technological innovation because music files were able to be stored on a computer for the first time. MP3 files could be compressed small enough for people to download it from the Internet and be stored in portable devices such as a MP3 player. It was remarkable to know that this technology was introduced only 13 years ago but seems to be to be outdated by decades. The people on the show was excited to introduce a portable device that plays mp3 files but now most of us have this technology along with the ability to play various format of music files in our cell phones. Also, it explains how we can burn music files in CDs but majority of us do not listen to music from CDs anymore due to the rise of digital audios. One thing that didn’t change is the legality of issues with copyrights. It introduced the moral problems with “Napster” and how it has the ability to freely share files with one another. Though Napster eventually ran into legal issues and ceased operations, there are still illegal audio file sharing today through the Internet. I think this is a great example of control revolution: when technological innovation extends, further extension of control technology is essential.  

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