Monday, September 29, 2014

"Man on the Land"
     "Man on the Land" is a animated story line that goes through different eras of time while showing how we have improved as an industrial society in many ways. It starts out by showing a caveman and how he created his first weapon. This weapon made it easier to catch the supply of food needed to survive. This weapon gave extra power and made it more efficient to hunt. This so called "man" in the archive started at "just living", but with time he was able to actually "make a living". Freedom seemed to  dependent on american agriculture. One thing I think the archive lacked was the negative side of the pre and post industrialization. It was a very positive movie that only showed the benefits. A similarity of back then and today was always the need for improvement. People are still today thinking of the next big thing. I am assuming that this archive is directed toward a younger audience, but it sums up the information society in pre and postindustrial times very well. 

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  1. I agree with your point that they did not even address the negative aspects of technology advancement because that is very apparent in our world today (especially with climate change). I feel that it would change the movie somewhat, but the general idea that technology advancement is beneficial would stay the same. Do you think the whole basis of the movie would change or only certain aspects of it?