Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hey everyone, my name is Matt Schroeder, I'm a sophomore at UW-Madison and am currently majoring in consumer finance  (although that may change). I'm a pretty outgoing guy and am really easy to get along with. I'm from Sheboygan, Wisconsin which is about an hour north of Milwaukee. In my spare time I like to play basketball, hang with friends, go boating, hiking, anything outdoors you name it. One interesting thing about me is I have an identical twin brother. I look forward to taking this class, and getting to know everyone a little better.

This is my hometown


  1. My roomate is also an identical twin and I wish I was very badly. I'm sure you are able to mess with people pretty bad. Soo jealous.

  2. I have a twin brother (not identical though), but still it's pretty great. Looking forward to getting to know you!