Saturday, September 20, 2014

African American Expression Through Art and Print (Extra Credit Opportunity)

       Yesterday, I went to see Professor Gabrielle Foreman give her keynote speech on "Slavery, Black Visual Culture and the Promises and Problems of Print".  Throughout her speech she focused on an artist, and a good friend of hers, who goes by the name Dave the Potter.  She spoke about how, through his art, we can see how many African Americans are still chained by slavery today.  Dave the Potter, through his work, focuses on the message that African Americans are held back, whether their shackled to where they live or their often low income jobs.

There was some interesting art
       Through her presentation i was more able to understand how and why both art and print can be used as effective forms of information technologies.

(P.S. I hate taking "selfies" but i did it for LIS201... NEVER AGAIN)

... Some very interesting art

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