Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Duck and Cover

Duck and Cover was a film created in 1951 to teach children what to do in case there was an atomic attack on America.  This film was important for citizens in there time period because it was post world war II and the Cold War was in its beginning stages so America had to be cautious.  When I first seen this film I thought it was pretty comical but after the second still was comical but I realized it was important in the modern information society.  This video can pertain to global network but more so control.  The US wanted to students to be mindful of how to avoid atomic attacks but I think underlying that was the fact that the US Department of Defense/government wanted to put fear into citizens to control them.  The instructional video to hide from an atomic bomb, gave citizens the impression that there was actually going to be an atomic bomb to hit the US, which I know as well as anybody else who knows about history and politics, that this would not have happened.  It was easy to scare people because the war recently ended and there were still lingering feelings about it.  This is helpful to the class because it shows another subtle way control was used.

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