Monday, September 22, 2014

Social Media

I decided to use the term "Social-Media." When thinking of this term, all I can think of is the beginning of Facebook and how it became so popular while I was in late middle school to early high school. It has transformed itself into almost every aspect of our daily lives connecting us with our friends in every way. When I looked for the first incident of "Social Media," the first thing that came up was the first email that was sent in 1971. It amazes me that 40 years ago social media was simply being able to connect with another person through a lengthy email. Then in 1985, AOL messenger was created. In a 14 year period, the change went from being able to send an email, to being able to exchange lengthy conversations with a friend or family member in an instant. When we compare that to today, and how every year we are coming up with new revolutionary technologies that change the way we communicate and find information, it amazes me that our pace of technological develop is so intense.


In all, I was surprised to see that the term social media was used as far back as the first email because when I think of social media, I think of quick exchanges between two people, not emails. Furthermore, it amazes me that email hasn't been out grown by instant messages like books have by e-readers. 'Social Media' has changed dramatically since the first email, and its shocking how much I take it for granted.

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