Monday, September 22, 2014

The term “MP3 Player” was first used when the first mp3 player (Diamond Rio PMP 300) came out in 1998, calling it “Internet music in the palm of your hand”. "MP3" is abbreviation for MPEG Layer 3, which is an audio file that can be condensed to 10% of the original size without significantly harming the sound quality. The "Rio" was the first portable device that can actually store these files from the computer and play it back making it an alternative to portable cassette or cd players. Experts in the past predicted this device to transform the music industry by allowing us to purchase and download a song, an album, or an audio book from the Internet, which they hit right on target. With the introduction of device came along the issues of copy right protection and led Recording Industry Association of America to go to court, attempting to block the company Diamond from introducing the Rio (mp3 player). Years later, Apple introduced its own musical jukebox, nearly replacing the term “mp3 player” with “iPod”. Today, mp3 player is dominated by smart phones, which in most cases are more technologically advanced and have the full ability to work as a portable music player.

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