Monday, September 8, 2014

Excited for a new semster!

From London to Paris!
Hey Everyone!
My name is Jay Lee and I am a senior majoring IS studies. I am originally from Korea but have studied in the states almost my whole life from California to Connecticut. I like to play basketball and can't live without music. One cool thing I did over the summer was to go on a Euro Trip with my best friend. I went to England-France-Holland for 2 full weeks. The experiences I had was no doubt the best times in my life. The most memorable time was when I was at the Stonehenge near Salisbury. Sunny weather, which rarely occur, was with us the whole time during that day. I hope the weather in Madison will be less brutal compared to last year's. My tip on staying alive in the winter is to exercise and be active! I look forward in getting the most out of this hybrid class and hope to improve my level of speech, reading, and writing.

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