Monday, December 1, 2014

New Software in the Business World

Over Thanksgiving break, I asked both of my parents about what the most important information technologies they used were. Both had similar, and honestly not very thrilling answers. My mom responded and said just simply email or perhaps accounting software. There were the most important technologies to her because they allowed her to share financial reports and communicate with much more ease. This simply made everything quicker and more efficient. My father initially just responded with "computers." I know this is a perfectly acceptable response, but after asking him for a more specific response he said excel spreadsheets. They allowed him to analyze all the data from interviews he partook in, and allowed him to come up with medians, averages, etc. All of this allowed him to present much more meaningful data to the client he was with. Presenting to clients was a huge part of his job, and so excel spreadsheets, like with accounting software with my mom, simply made everything quicker and more efficient.

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