Monday, December 8, 2014

Father's Use of Information Technology

After speaking with my father at home, I found out that his most important information technology was his “smart” phone. My father is a comedian and it is crucial for him to be aware of much information that is flowing around the world. Creativity is also important and internet from his phone provides him with innovating ideas. He is more productive and efficient in bringing “comedic” ideas to the table. Thus, new information technology is a great tool in his work life.

My father is a person who likes to communicate with the younger generations and has been constantly trying to keep up with the fast developing technology in order to communicate. Recently, my father has created a family SNS account from a social media network called “Band”, where our families are the only members and can be “presence-in-absence” to communicate with one another. This method of communication help to communicate not only with words but also with pictures and videos. Coming from an international background, this type of communication is essential when you are apart with on another for a long period of time. Overall, information technology has helped my father to be more productive both in his work life and family life.  

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