Monday, December 8, 2014

My Experience

Googling hybrid classes was not very helpful, but in my personal experience, many classes are turning to this hybrid approach. My classes in high school and some of my friend's classes here at Madison incorporate both online and in-person discussion/activity. I think it is helpful because it keeps information interesting. You are not just sitting in a class talking for hours on end, but you're not just sitting at your computer either. I think the topics covered online were related to the topics covered in person, but tended to be a bit more creative. In discussion is where we focused on the core concepts of this course, but it is also where I got to know my peers. I'm sure they agree with this because realistically we are not all reading every single person's blog posts, but just a few to comment on. I definitely feel more comfortable with blogs and wikis now, and I think they are a useful tool that other courses could benefit from. Of course they are not applicable to all courses.
I thought that the combination of online coursework and the course being about the online world worked well together. It seemed appropriate, in a way. I think I became more aware of my online presence.

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  1. I agree that this class made me more aware of my online presence. It showed me that some things I put online, should not be online.