Monday, December 8, 2014

My Experience in LIS 201

            When I tried to look up other hybrid/blended courses online, at either UW-Madison or another university, I could not find anything. All I found were fellowship programs that seemed as if they were for professors. Nevertheless, I found this approach to teaching to be extremely effective. All of the online portions connected with what was taught in class and helped me when studying for the tests. I was able to recall the terms when I was creating my study guides without referring to my notes. I was able to learn a lot about my fellow students because of the combination of offline and online interactions. I do feel comfortable using blogs and wikis now, but I do not think that more professors should be using these resources until they apply to the course they are teaching.

            I think that the things I was asked to research for the blog assignments gave me a better perspective for my online activities. They forced me to research the information the Internet is collecting about me and become more conscious of my web activities. However, I think that online course components work differently in every class. For example, I would not gain a different understanding of my web activities solely because of a requirement to keep a blog. The actual content and assignments in this class caused this. Overall, I really enjoyed using different web components to complete assignments in this class. Everything coincided and was interconnected, making me extremely prepared for essays and exams.

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  1. I agree that the combination of these online and offline activities made me prepared for exams and essays. The coursework all flowed and its interconnectedness allowed us to truly understand what we are learning.