Friday, December 5, 2014

Hybrid Courses

This class was definitely a lot more work than I anticipated with its hybrid format of speeches, blogs, essays and projects.  It gave me a voice online and in-person when discussing new topics.  Another hybrid course at UW Madison is Biology 152.  It combines biological sciences with a com B component making it much more challenging than a regular Biology course.  I feel like I was a more effective student in class based on the fact that we discussed more topics in class than we actually had to blog about and ideas were expanded on in-person in class.  I definitely am more comfortable blogging now than I did before; mainly because I never really enjoyed blogging but now I feel like it's not that bad to blog every now and then to express new ideas and thoughts.  I think this class was effective using an online component so much because we discussed so many topics about information accessed online so it helped connect the course with the homework by using an online component.

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