Monday, December 1, 2014

I'll miss ya LIS

                 After researching online Hybrid courses, I found a couple UW-Madison has to offer, but not as many as our competitor University of Minnesota- Twin Cities. Here at Madison you can pay a small few ($95) to become more fluent in English, different languages, or even engineering.  The classes I found were not for college credit but simply to continue your studies. I am not sure why the U would have more because UW is way better than the U. I think they might just advertise more for the U then we do here, which should change. I think my online work through LIS helped connect me to my work done in the classroom. For me, the online work was easy busy work that seemed hassle-ish because I’m not used to checking a blog all the time and posting assignments to it. I am glad we have our face-to-face discussion solely because I like to hear multiple views on a topic, and online I can choose to not read other views, or I could pick to read the views that coincide with my own.  I think with the increase in technology, it would be convenient to have professor’s assign more online work vs. paper work but I don’t think it’s a necessity. 
              What I find crazy is how much my courses are intertwining this semester, and how LIS helps me connect them to each other.  My accounting connects to my econ, which connects to LIS (way more than you would think), which in the end relates to my Arabic literature class (after reading I am Malala for extra credit). I honestly think that because I am more conscious with ICT’s I understand why certain things are the way they are. Also, this class definitely connected with my personal life as it showed me what my shadow bodies look like professionally and nonprofessionally. It even led me to delete a lot of the social media that took up a lot of my time and was unnecessary to have as a 20 year old.   Overall I actually enjoyed this class. Besides the annoying busy work (which was needed to prove points), I would have to say it is my favorite class I have taken here so far. 

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