Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hybrid course reflection

To start with I really like the LIS 201 was set up as a hybrid course with the lectures and discussions being face to face. This differs from some other schools like UW Milwaukee. On UW Milwaukee's website it takes about the set up of their hybrid classes. Some of them involve watching the lectures online and then student meet for discussion after watching the the lectures. I feel as if this format would not work nearly as well because I feel many people would not watch the lecture or would be very distracted while watching the lecture.
Throughout this course I have become much more comfortable using UW's online resources like wiki, blogger, and google scholar. Although I enjoyed using these to learn and do class work, I feel like I was able to learn better in discussion and lecture than I did online.This is because I learn better when I have someone in front of me talking to me.But if I have the chance I will take another hybrid course to further increase my computer skills.

Overall I really liked the material from this class. I found that I could really relate to a lot of it. I also like learning about how the information society got to the point it is today. I felt that because the information was so relatable it made the homework easier and made it easier to have good conversations in discussion class. I also liked how it taught me more about powerpoint and other computer resources.

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