Monday, December 1, 2014

How my Mom uses technology

When I look at my mom using information technologies like her phone or a computer, I see a very awkward interaction between the two entities. I know she did not really have much technology, or even money to say the least, growing up, so I understand why she looks so uncomfortable using technology.
I only ever see her on the laptop when she needs to order something online, whether it be clothes or more clothes. And still, she sometimes needs me, my dad, or my brother to find the website she is looking for because she isn't really great at typing and such. Yet she still rarely uses the computer because she likes to go to a physical store and pick up the clothing she is considering purchasing. I have noticed that, for the most part, I rely on the Internet and online shopping to get the clothes I want because it saves so much time and effort.
When she texts me, the text is really robotic and strange sounding when I read it aloud. I do not know if it's because she doesn't really understand how to word her thoughts or because she feels out of her skin sending it. Sometimes I am worried at the text, sometimes, because she can be a little blunt, and the fact that she never uses any punctuation, makes me wonder the true meaning behind the text. She mainly uses her phone to call and talk to family and people she really needs to contact. So she really keeps her phone usage limited, and I believe that has passed on to me in a way. I am glad it's been slightly passed on because I like to enjoy the world around me, especially when I walk to class and stuff. I do not like being on my phone for longer than 5 minutes because I am afraid I may miss something, and that is how my mom views life.

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