Monday, December 8, 2014


I did a hybrid class in high school where the lectures were online and we had to do those at home and the homework was also online but we worked on that in class. It wasn't set in stone as we still did lectures in class when it was confusing, but it was an interesting way to do class that was new to me.

I thought in this class, I felt more comfortable with working with students, especially in the peer review groups, in person rather than online. We didn't really have group projects obviously, but reviewing the power points was easier because it was in class and we could hear the author's opinions on it when we discussed each power point as a class afterwards. Doing it online for the essays was fine but I just think offline works better and the online assignments, for the most part, didn't necessarily help my learning for the concepts in the class, it just added things to what I had to do for the class and maybe I learned some new things but not really things that I would incorporate into a midterm or a paper.

I thought the readings and lectures helped a lot with the papers and midterms obviously, but I felt like the online stuff was separate. It was related to it obviously, but if they weren't there I don't think I would have missed much if anything from not having them. Some were solid assignments though that I didn't mind the write-ups. I think the class is structured pretty well.

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