Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mom Technology

After talking to my parents about potential technologies that were significant to them while growing up, I realized that they both haven't really been up to date with technology until the last couple years (surprise, surprise). The first technology my mom said she really used was the computer. She said she used it mainly for e-mail, which is still what she mainly uses it for today, and online shopping of course. It didn't surprise me that this was her answer because while she was growing up, there wasn't any cell phones, or video game consoles to be used, it was just playing outside and trying to meet up with your friends as best as you  could. It's hard to imagine how often I would see my friends today if I didn't have some sort of technology to communicate with them. Technology really does make things a lot easier, but my mom will still be the first one to tell you that we rely too much on it (she's constantly telling me to put my phone away). This assignment kind of made you put into perspective how times have changed from when our parents were growing up to how we are growing up now.

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  1. I agree, my mother was also not used working with Information Technology. She would use it primarily for e-mails and internet shopping for housing goods. It really led me to think how uncomfortable it was like for them to grow up without such technologies. But then again, would they have felt that they needed such technologies in the past? I think not.