Monday, December 8, 2014

big read event

I went to the big read event on 12/3. It was a very interesting event where students in a particular speaking class gave speeches on whatever topic they wanted too (I don't think they were assigned topics). They were good and interesting speeches, and the main professor for the class was also there and talked occasionally. One of my favorite speeches to listen to was one on bullying, where the speaker's main argument was that punishing bullies they way we do (isolation, like detention) isn't working and we should try other methods to punish them and figure out what's wrong. This was fascinating to me as I never thought about it like that; usually I think of the victim and forget about the one bullying, but maybe that's the problem and we need to figure out why bullies are doing what they do. He proposed we need to talk more to the bullies and try to get their problems or issues out in the open and help them because they are probably hurting and just dealing with their stress in obviously very bad ways. But if we can fix these issues then the bullies would no longer exist and that would solve the problem. Overall, other speakers were also good like one speaker talked about how we are not using water very well and how we could fix our water usage. The event was worth the time to attend and it's good to see speeches by other students on campus.

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